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...that land
would have sometihng valuable...

the jewels exist today and have the shape of an olive!

- 2006 -

...appeared a Jewelry Olive

olival soup
herdade green

- Extra Virgin Oil -

…the olive unique flavor

A Origem...
Olive trees
Olive trees

The Olive (Olea Europaea) thrives in temperate and Mediterranean regions. In the Mediterranean, its first cultivators were the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Their existence in Iberia was due to the Greeks or the Phoenicians. With the Arab invasions, cultivation reached such magnitude that Spain became one of the largest producers of the fruit.
In Portugal the traditional olive grove was cultivated in extensive systems, with little incorporation of inputs. Today the extensive systems are being replaced by intensive and super-intensive production where the production reaches the highest production values.


In an area of 63.853 square km, Pereiras – Gare was “born” in 1985. After travelling through the Brejão Mountains we rapidly discover the characteristics of the Baixo Alentejo region. In an organized geometric construction, the white buildings marked by strong colours such as blue, quickly transport us into the Alentejo way of living spirit, where houses designed and ordered in straight lines are a very characteristic mark in this Portuguese region. The new church that with help of the 373 inhabitants gained life, brings to the locality every year, on the 3rd Saturday of July, the religious celebrations, dedicated to the “Lady of Grace”.